Whitsuntide Study with the Western Regional Council

“… there bursts forth within us the inner awakening of the creative radiance of Spirit, which is man’s high calling in the Universe.”


The Western Regional Council of the ASA invites you to join them in a study leading up to Whitsun. Together we will explore Rudolf Steiner’s lecture, The Whitsuntide Festival, Its Place in the Study of Karma.

Each of the three study evenings will open with an artistic activity followed by a short seed talk which will encompass the theme, thoughts and questions that can be taken up in the breakout sessions. Please bring paper, colored pencils, crayons for the artistic activities.

Sessions will be up to 90 minutes each time. 
This is a live program and will not be recorded

Cost: This program is free! Any donations go towards supporting future programs. Thank you!
SCHEDULE*  Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern 
*Sessions will not be recorded so please do your best to attend live.

April 27: The Relationship Between the Human Being and the Cosmos
May 11: The Mysteries of Time and Space
May 25: Look upon Human Destiny

STUDY: The Whitsuntide Festival, Its Place in the Study of Karma. 
This lecture is also found in The Festivals and Their Meaning, June 4, 1924.

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We look forward to seeing you there, 
The Western Regional Council of the ASA 

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