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Eurythmy as a Personal Practice Cycle 1: Strengthen your Immune System

Sep 21, 2021 8:00AM—Oct 12, 2021

Online! Time is US-Pacific


We all still need this eurythmy support! Through a personal eurythmy practice, you will learn movements that will bring harmony to your body, soul and spirit. With this practice, you can overcome many stressors in your life, becoming peaceful and overcoming fear. These in turn are essential qualities to strengthen our forces of resilience. In…

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Sep 24, 2021 7:00PM—9:00PM

Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago


Greetings kindred souls – This year for the Anthroposophical Prison Outreach fund raiser I plan to hold a Dance-A-Thon & Biodynamic Prep-stir on Friday 24 September 2021 at the Rudolf Steiner Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in America – Chicago Featuring Waldorf grad. DJ Grapefruit Effect! – It’s a potluck community gathering, so please bring…

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Michaelmas Arts Festival

Sep 24, 2021 5:00PM—7:00PM

Riberas del Pilar, Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

Poetry readings. Paintings. Violin and Cello Music. History of Michaelmas.

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Experience and Explore Eurythmy

Sep 25, 2021 2:30PM—Dec 04, 2021 4:30PM

110 Martin Alley Pasadena, CA 91195

Come join us in experiencing the art of eurythmy movement. Rudolf Steiner brought a new art form into the world called Eurythmy, integrating balance and rhythm. Through its movements we learn to understand, support and find balance in the body, as well as experience nourishing spirit and soul forces. Our theme for the coming session…

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Current Vaccination Challenges: Anthroposophical Thoughts and Remedies

Sep 25, 2021 1:00PM—2:30PM

ONLINE - times given are Central US


A Way Towards Handling the Current Vaccination Challenges: Anthroposophical Thoughts and Remedies; September 25, 1 PM, CT We will share fundamental anthroposophical principles, largely based on Rudolf Steiner’s work. They are vital in helping us navigate questions related to the current vaccinations. Ample time for Q & A included. Entry after start time will not…

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A natural beginning

Sep 08, 2021 6:30PM—7:30PM

Pacific Standard Time On Zoom

Future Dawning: Exploring Karma and Our Century

Sep 04, 2021 10:00AM—12:30PM

ONLINE - times are US Eastern

Expansion of the 1924 Koberwitz Seminar with Enzo Nastati

Sep 03, 2021 12:30PM—2:30PM

ONLINE, Mountain Time US.

The Twelve Senses: Sensing Justice in the Encounter

Aug 11, 2021 1:30PM—Aug 15, 2021 12:30PM

Virtual - times Eastern (US)

Six Essential Exercises GROUP PRACTICE and extra Research

Aug 02, 2021 1:00PM—1:30PM

ONLINE (Pacific Time US)