The Anthroposopher Podcast


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Exploring anthroposophy in the modern world through interviews, conversations, and explorations. The official podcast of the Anthroposophical Society in America, with Director of Programs Laura Scappaticci. (Goetheanum Photo credit, left: Anne Weise)

Some installments of The Anthroposopher:

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Courage, Fear and a Deep Breath with Dr. David Gershan and Chris and Jerilyn Burke
Dr. Lakshmi Prasana - Healing, Educating, & The Twelve Senses
Give More Than You Take ~ Voices From The Biodynamic Association Conference 2019
Lynn Jericho- Have Yourself An Inner Christmas
Biodynamics Or Bust! Perspectives from the 2018 BDA Conference
Hazel Archer Ginsberg - Preserve The Light
Paul Chappell~Beyond The Basic Human Needs Towards Peace
Sergio Gaiti - Threefold Awareness
Joaquin Munoz - Trauma, Resilience, and Education
The World In 2030 With Andrea De La Cruz

And earlier episodes:
Easter's Ancestry: Can You See The Hare In The Moon? With Hazel Archer Ginsberg
The Philosophy Of Freedom Now With Nathaniel Williams
The Story In Our Stars with Mary Stewart Adams
Death, Life, And Poetry With Maureen Tolman Flannery
Every Human Moment with Nancy Poer
Connection, Disconnection and the Unknown with Joan Sleigh
The Spiritual Striving Of Youth with Andrea De La Cruz
Anne De Wild- The Fifth Temperament
Strength Through Meditation, with Lisa Romero
Courage For The Future with Juan Bottero: International Youth Conference July 14-18
Love Is Greater Than Loss With Linda Bergh
Is anthroposophy funny? An interview with Ronald Koetzsch
The voice of Steiner: A conversation with Dale Brunsvold of Rudolf Steiner Audio
Anthro what? The ASA is interviewed on a live radio show.

BONUS: A November 2019 chat with Mary Stewart Adams on the Mercury Transit: