Selected Initiatives

Individuals inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner have started many hundreds of initiatives across the USA. (An online map of initiatives is being tested.)

The anthroposophical picture of human life and its deeper patterns inspires new commitments, from working with the needs of individual children to creating artistic trainings and intentional communities.

We report on inititatives in each issue of our publication being human, and a full picture is being built at We have highlighted a few below; click on "More..." to visit their websites.

Threefold Educational Foundation

Started in the 1920s as a biodynamic farm (with a summer school from 1933), Threefold hosts Green Meadow Waldorf School, Eurythmy Spring Valley, Sunbridge Institute, the Pfeiffer Center, and much more. Pictured is its beautiful auditorium.


Sound Circle Eurythmy

“Imagination in Practice, Practice in Imagination”

Based in Colorado, the mission of Sound Circle Eurythmy is to increase understanding and appreciation for the artistic, educational, therapeutic, and social benefits of eurythmy and its unique role in the modern world by actively contributing to the cultural life of the Rocky Mountain region and beyond.


Rudolf Steiner Health Center

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, the center combines an inpatient medical center and intensive sessions for chronic problems with a patient community, youth trainings, and an integrative anthroposophic medical practice.


Free Columbia

Free Columbia includes ongoing painting students, artist residencies, part-time courses in fine and practical arts for adults and children, movies, performances, lectures, art dispersals and study groups.  It is taking up a collaboration with Lightforms: Art + Spirit, a multipurpose art center in Hudson NY, and a new program in Social Theory and Action with a focus on holistic monetary design.


We will be adding vignettes here from being human, to include:

Creating the House of Peace — Inner Fire: Rekindling the Individual Spirit — Enter Light: Voices from Prison — Temple-Wilton Community Farm — Camphill Academy — Mystery Dramas & Speech Art — Lily Kolisko Institute — re:Generation — Lakota Waldorf School — Heartbeet Community Center — Emerging Anthroposophic Psychology — The Paul Scharff Archive — Elderberries LA & Chicago — Steiner Performing Arts project — Eurythmy Spring Valley — Biodynamic Conferences — The Lazarus Project — MysTech — Angelica Village — YIP — The Nature Institute

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