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Gain insight and make connections through webinars, conferences, events, articles. Local groups and initiatives offer hundreds of events along with weekly or monthly study groups.

There are many ways to get involved!

Programs online & Face-to-face

Courses & Webinars

Our online, year-long Applied Anthroposophy Course has passed its enrollment date, but you can read about it here. Webinars focus on understanding our lives and enhancing our conscious participation in the world. Topics include the course of the year, the stages of life, enhancing our awareness, as well as health, education, and the deeper spirit of money. New webinars are announced in our blog..

Most webinars are recorded and after their initial presentation they are available in our store, including free offerings.

Conferences & Groups

On fall conference will be in our online community space October 9-10-11: Willing The Good: Love, Action, Healing. Speakers and workshop presenters include Thea Maria Carlson, Peter Selg, Harrie Salman, and more.  Plus our first ever online art dispersal!.
Our April conference on The Sacred Gateway: Conscious Living, Conscious Dying, and the Journey Beyond took place online and the recording is available in our store.

Activities everywhere!

Our calendar lists events taking place across North America and beyond, with many online presentations.

Local study groups deepen and enrich insights with the questions and perspectives of others who have similar values and goals. See what is near you on our local contact list.

Our being human magazine has articles in print and online on initiatives, arts, ideas, research, and human lives.

Local/Regional Activity

Three regions (East, Central, West) allow for closer working together. Regional councils guide the creation of special programs in the different regions. The Eastern Region is working in three sections: northeast, mid-Atlantic, and southeast. [Regional and local websites are listed here.]

Local groups meet, study, and hold events in forty states across the country. Where multiple activiities are coordinated in one area there are branches of the society. View a list of contacts for branches and groups.

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The Anthroposophical Society in America is a membership organization. Members receive the magazine being human and special email communications.

US members are also members of the General Anthroposophical Society at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. They become eligible after two years to apply for membership in the School for Spiritual Science founded by Rudolf Steiner and its professional sections.

Make a Gift

The Anthroposophical Society in America is a not-for-profit corporation sustained by membership contributions, unrestricted donations, major giving through the Michael Support Circle, and legacy gifts. We also receive gifts designated for many specific activities.

being human


Our magazine being human addresses “personal and cultural renewal in the 21st century” through initiatives, arts & ideas, research & reviews, and news of the Society.

There is also a visual arts gallery and often remarkable biographical sketches of individuals who have died.



Applied anthroposophy and its guiding ideas stand behind significant initiatives in education, health, agriculture, arts, special needs, intentional communities, and self-development.