2024 Annual Conference
Step Into
a Modern Esoteric Stream

October 11-14, 2024
Portland, OR

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Some one hundred years after Rudolf Steiner's last public address we find ourselves asking this question: How do things stand with anthroposophy in the world? And especially, here and now, how does anthroposophy live in the United States? How would we like it to live?
We have chosen the Pacific Northwest for this year’s conference because it supports an inner sense of how we turn from the "far West" back toward the East ~ when what is enkindled in the heart takes on form as a life path, given its fullest expression when it is shared with others seeking the same goal.
Our main speaker is Marc Desaules, General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland, whose initiative L’Aubier in Neuchâtel and whose role with the Swiss Society give him a depth of understanding and a dynamic of lived experience that demonstrates how anthroposophy moves through the world. Our gathering will also include workshops, metal-colored light therapy, art exhibits, the Foundation Stone in eurythmy, performances, and more.


Seeing the whole human being in our complex social, biological, planetary, and cosmic contexts, anthroposophy can open up the field of creative potential and action for each of us.

This includes personal growth and health and capacities, and social and professional service and engagement.

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Inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide are finding inspiration for meaningful choices in daily living,—

for parenting and community, for healing the Earth, for artistic and scientific work, and for building a new culture of freedom, fairness, and solidarity.

Learn more about inspiring initiatives and individuals with values like yours.


Anthroposophy's far-reaching view of personal development and human evolution gives a new context for today's widespread egotism. We each need to gain inner freedom and self-reliance in order to be change agents and conveners of a healthy future civilization, one where the whole community and the individual are seen and valued by each other. Consider membership and ways to get involved.

News & Events

The After-Image of Easter with Mary Stewart Adams 

This is a transcript of a spoken address given on April 2, Rudolf Steiner House, Ann Arbor, MI Thank you so much. I’m going to begin with the same verse that we used when we started on vernal equinox with Brian, when he led us in the drawing of the Sun seal. And you’ll see…

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Fresh Beginnings, New Pathways

Mary Stewart Adams’ Inaugural Address as General Secretary October 9, 2023[1] [1] This is a transcript of a spoken address. Thank you, John, and the entire council. And thank you everyone here in the Ann Arbor, Michigan community and everyone who is online. This is a tremendous moment. And I think it’s not surprising that…

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Closing Remarks from the AGM, October 9, 2023

Greetings Members, Colleagues, Friends, I am inwardly full from my recent days at the World Goetheanum Conference (1000 people, 50 countries) and my final meetings with General Secretaries and Country Representatives from around the world. These dear colleagues are present for me in my heart along with you members, and the many who have crossed…

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From the General Secretary

Anthroposophy is a path of inquiry, a way of being in the world, and of service to the world. So, it matters how we form social foundations out of interest in matters of the world as well as the beings of the spiritual world. One aspect of this anthroposophical inquiry is that within this inquiry…

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Anthroposophy (noun)

[an-thro-POS-o-phy] The art and science of becoming more fully human.


Our Mission

The Anthroposophical Society in America (ASA) supports and furthers the work of Rudolf Steiner in the United States. We are an open membership organization that fosters self-development and inspired social engagement.

Anthroposophy is a discipline of research as well as a path of knowledge, service, personal growth, and social engagement. Introduced and developed by Rudolf Steiner, it is concerned with all aspects of human life, spirit and humanity’s future evolution and well-being.


An “open heart and comprehensive mind..."

Rudolf Steiner gave clear insights and supportive guidance for individuals of all kinds, inspiring creative work in many fields.

Educator, scientist, philosopher, spiritual researcher, “meta-thinker”? But also social reformer, artistic innovator, cultural activist, and initiator of a holistic, human-centered “anthroposophy”—that is Rudolf Steiner.

To learn more about this unique individual and his still-expanding impact we are creating a sister site RudolfSteiner.org -- it's online and growing every week.

being human

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Features include initiatives, arts & ideas, research & reviews, and news of the Anthroposophical Society, as well as a visual arts gallery and biographical sketches of individuals who have died.