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Webinars, Current & Recorded

Anthroposophic initiatives work deeply with life's opportunities and challenges. Our growing webinar stream reaches into health, education, the environment, the course of life, the meaningful year, self-development, community, society. New webinars are announced in the blog and by email. Visit the store to see our recorded webinars: audio, video, and often great support materials like slide presentations. Examples:

  • Five Good Words, with Orland Bishop and friends for the Whitsun festival.
  • An Exploration of the Twelve Senses, expert insights with Joan Sleigh, Harlan Gilbert and Jane Swain.
  • The Challenge of Evil, with Bastiaan Baan; how to know evil, how to confront evil, how to redeem evil.
  • Michaelmas: Hearts are Beginning to Have Thoughts, as well as other webinars on the sacred and meaningful year.
  • The Art of Human Becoming, as well as Phases of Life, on biography and social art.
  • Challenges & Gifts of Aging, and Healing Forces, with anthroposophic medical experts.
  • Strengthening Foundations of Inner Work: Lisa Romero.
  • Who are the Honeybees? Spikenard Bee Sanctuary.
  • The Spirit of Money: Steinerian economics, three types of money, money & biography.
  • The Story in Our Stars, with Mary Adams.

Program Alerts

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Gathering with people of like minds, shared hopes and striving — the spirit carries on for now in online gatherings...

2021 fall conference recordings...

Will be in our store soon! Building the Temple of the Heart was co-sponsored by the Central Regional Council. There were opportunities to gather at various branches around the country to experience the conference in person, and content shared from multiple hubs and overseas.

Other events online, across North America, and at the Goetheanum may focus on self-development, health, biodynamics, education, arts, social questions, science, or technology. Check the calendar!

Local Events

There are hundreds of local and regional events across North America every year, many listed on our events calendar.

Check with local groups to find more talks, workshops, and weekly/monthly study groups where fresh insights come from others' questions.

Every gathering is a chance to meet others waking their potentials and striving for a future that is really worthy of us.

Motifs for the working year 2021

For many years the Goetheanum offered a focus of study and research long called a “theme of the year” and now shared as “working motifs” of the Executive Council and Goetheanum Leadership. For 2021 these were identified as courage for knowledge, individual responsibility and world affirmation.

“Courage for knowledge is needed to pierce the veil that has been placed over everything with the Coronavirus situation. On the physical level, it is about a sober and evidence-based view of the facts. For the soul, courage for knowledge can mean walking the path to the source of human dignity within oneself, between resignation on the one hand and overestimation of one’s own worth on the other. Spiritually, may the challenge be to courageously take seriously the small glimpses from beyond the threshold, which we all know in their fleetingness, and to work resolutely on a change of perspective.

“Self-responsibility means three things: responsibility to myself, responsibility for my immediate social environment and my co-responsibility for the greater common good. Self-responsibility is polar to collective responsibility. If the latter is imposed by the state, the opposite, self-responsibility has to be given special attention and the question then arises: How can a healthy social responsibility for the times arise with and out of self-responsibility?

“The third theme, affirmation of the world, is intended to address the fact that the present calls us to seek and manifest the spirit, in and with the world. Not to flee or bury our heads in the sand, but to take the circumstances as they are and make the best out of them.”

Earlier themes of the last several years are available here.

being human

Our magazine being human reports on “personal and cultural renewal in the 21st century.” Departments include

  • initiatives, from trainings to intentional communities;
  • arts & ideas, including a visual arts gallery;
  • research & reviews of notable books,
  • and news of the Society, including biographical sketches of individuals who have died.