The Spiritual Origins of Conspiracy

Now available in our store, recorded
Friday February 12, 2021
The Spiritual Origins of Conspiracy,
with Lisa Romero

What: The Spiritual Origins of Conspiracy with Lisa Romero. Available (donation or free) in our store! 

Description: The forces at play in our changing world are working towards a variety of conflicting goals. Navigating truth and lies has become a part of our daily reality that wears upon our time, energy, and attention. Spiritual science differs fundamentally from the natural sciences in its ability to seek the origin of the forces and facts that influence our daily life and our evolving being within the spiritual world. Recognizing the spiritual forces at play can help us move forward with compassion and conscience and lead us towards greater connectedness with all that supports healthy development.

Note: This talk is not a political commentary but rather an exploration of the higher perspective on the current energies at play in our world. 

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