An Exploration of the Twelve Senses – May Webinar

This webinar series is now available as a recording.

During this time of greater external boundaries, we can come together online to explore a deeper understanding of the way our personal, spiritual and physical boundaries meet the world.

It has been eighty years since the founding of the first Camphill community in Aberdeen, Scotland, founded by Karl König. His work laid the foundation for using the twelve senses as a diagnostic tool and has continued to inform those working in this field. These topics will be explored in depth at “Pathways to a Human Future: The Twelve Senses”, an in-person conference hosted by the Threefold Education Foundation in Spring Valley, NY, slated for 2021. 

Learn more about the 12 Senses with Harlan Gilbert, Joan Sleigh, and Jane Swain. Read more about our wonderful presenters here! 

May 13:
Portals to Three Worlds: Sensing The Worlds Around, Within, and Between Us. An Overview of the 12 Senses with Harlan Gilbert 

May 20:
The Social Senses with Joan Sleigh (Please note different presentation time due to Joan’s time zone and location.) 

May 27:
How the Senses Develop in the Early Years of Life with Jane Swain 

PS- Tune into this episode of The Anthroposopher, our podcast, to hear a poignant interview that touches on the 12 Senses with Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna.

Harlan Gilbert       Jane Swain               Joan Sleigh 

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