E-news links

By editor | May 27, 2022

Here are links to our past biweekly e-news letters. Search this page for specific items (shortcut on laptops: Ctrl+f on PC or Command+f on Mac). Leave comments below, or email John Beck at April 14, 2022Our images this time are from that incredible university in stone called the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres;…

The “Calendar of the Soul”

By editor | April 11, 2022

The guide below has been updated for 2022-2023… In 1912 Rudolf Steiner provided a “calendar of the soul,” weekly verses that express how the changing seasons in the natural world and in our own inner lives are helping our consciousness evolve. [View and download here a guide by Herbert O. Hagens to dates for the…

The Shadow Side of Gift

By editor | August 28, 2020

By Dorothy Hinkle-Uhlig, in response to “The Alchemy of Gift” by John Bloom. “Simply stated, the gift works healthily when it is recognized consciously, humbly, and consequentially as a gift.”

A new comet

By editor | June 30, 2020

from David Adams Comet NEOWISE [technically called “C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE)”] was first spotted by NASA’s NEOWISE satellite space telescope on March 27,  326 miles above the earth’s surface. The comet went around the sun, passing within 25.7 million miles of the sun on July 3, and will reach its closet point to Earth in its orbit next week. The comet will…

Wellspring of Waldorf

By editor | October 29, 2019

A new video explores the origins of Waldorf education and the wellspring of its special insights and approaches: anthroposophy. There is also a special resource guide and membership offer.