Waldorf Leadership Development Training 2022-2023

May 14, 2022 ALL DAY


Online & Wilton, NH

Cost $1800-$3200

Event Contact Karen Atkinson | Email

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This course was designed to help independent and public Waldorf school administrators, staff, trustees, and pedagogical leaders build skills, capacities, and understanding of their vital roles in Waldorf schools. Through a combination of virtual and in-person classes, participants engaged in seminars designed to cultivate the capacities needed for serving in leadership positions.

The current cohort of this inaugural group will conclude in April with an in-person long weekend in Keene, NH. The culminating seminars and presentations have been designed to bring these steadfast leaders together to explore prevalent leadership topics and to engage in the social arts of painting, drawing, sculpture, and eurythmy. Over the course of this year-long program, participants have created a practical repertoire of resources to help support their work now and into the future.

Registration is now open for the next round of our Waldorf Leadership Development program, which will begin on Saturday, May 14, 2022. A week-long virtual intensive will take place in late June, led by its program director, Torin Finser. Bi-weekly virtual seminars will continue during the school year, along with two in-person long weekends during the fall and spring terms.

This course is open to:

  • Newly hired school administrators and administrative staff in admissions, HR, business, development, marketing, and more
  • Experienced administrators seeking renewal and further professional development
  • Graduates of CfA’s “Explorations” program who wish to focus on Waldorf administration and leadership
  • Pedagogical leaders: school directors, faculty chairs, college chairs, section chairs, principals (public Waldorf), and committee chairs
  • Trustees seeking greater collaboration among school decision-making groups
  • Long-standing parents who wish to serve their school in present or future leadership roles

Option A: Leadership Seminars with Explorations Classes, March 2022 – April 2023

This option is primarily intended for educators in the early stages of their teaching or leadership careers. Students will gain a wider and more in-depth understanding of the role of anthroposophy and the arts in Waldorf pedagogy.

Option B: Leadership Seminars only, May 2022 – April 2023

This option is intended for Experienced Teachers as well as the past Exploration and Waldorf Teacher Education program graduates. Participants with 5 or more years of experience in a Waldorf school as a teacher or other pedagogical role, or those who have previously taken and graduated from the Explorations program (or other foundational studies) or Waldorf teacher education, may opt out of the Explorations sessions and just take the administrative courses.

Serving as a leader in a Waldorf school takes both courage and skill. Developing the necessary capacities to steer through stormy seas requires a steadfast commitment to service and innovation–as well as a calm and steady hand! Join us as we prepare to set sail on our next journey! Click here to peruse our website for more information about the content and the carriers of this program.