The School of Uncovering the Voice: A New Foundational Course

Feb 07, 2022 7:30PM—9:00PM


ONLINE with three options to attend each week to meet different time zones

Cost $895

Event Contact Shannon Boyce | Email

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🗣 Rudolf Steiner said: “Man has in his breathing a faculty capable of the highest possible development through the transmutation of his breathing process into song. And if he works at it, there are infinite possibilities for his development.”

❤️ Singing is the most primal ancient technology of human connection. This is what we need in today’s times. To connect more with others. But we must first connect and know ourselves.

❤️ Remember, when we distance ourselves from our voices, we distance ourselves from our aliveness, which does a disservice to our spirits individually and collectively.

A new section of the foundational course called “Awakening to the Sound” from “The School of Uncovering the Voice,” also known as Werbeck Singing, presented by Shannon Boyce, a certified Uncovering the Voice Singing Teacher, will begin on February 7 and run for 14 weeks. There are three options to attend each week to meet different time zones. Click here for more information and details about the training course.

New students are welcome. No prior experience required. The course is open to those who love to sing and those who long to sing. Uncovering the Voice exercises are a singing practice to awaken your “I AM”. Come and explore the transformative healing power of tone that will bring imagination to your thinking, inspiration to your feeling, and intuition to your willing.

The course creates a safe, calm, awake, and nourishing experience allowing you to gain more equanimity in the use of your voice, engaging your will to break up old patterns or hindrances that prevent the free archetypal tone from flowing through you. You will come to experience and know the world of the cosmic tone.

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