Truth, Beauty, and Goodness: Raphael’s Madonna Sequence

Jan 06, 2023 12:00PM—1:30PM


ONLINE: 12 pm Eastern / 9 am Pacific (USA, Canada)

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The Holy Nights represent a time outside of regular time, when we cross the bridge into the new year, renewing our commitment to the wisdom and richness of our inner life. It is a time for finding strength and inspiration for the coming year. The Anthroposophical Society in America offers this program to guide you with intention, and in community, through a contemplative and nourishing space. 

This year, we will work with a series of images of the Madonna, created in a sequence in 1908 by Rudolf Steiner, that serve as a healing impulse for the soul. These images were first used in a clinical setting for patients to relieve stress and strain on the etheric and astral bodies. This series is arranged in a specific sequence of 15 images and is comprised of works by Renaissance artists Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello. 

WHAT: A contemplative practice with Raphael’s Madonna Series, online through Zoom.
Plus a bonus recording about the creating a Holy Nights practice with Mary Stewart Adams!

HOW: Online through Zoom. Can’t join us live? Each gathering will be recorded. 

WHEN: All sessions take place at 12 pm Eastern / 9 am Pacific
Sessions are 15 minutes over the holy nights, with two 90 minute sessions before and after. 

December 21, 2022, with Brian Gray (90 min)

December 24, 2022 – January 5, 2023 (13 consecutive days)
Daily contemplation with the Madonna Sequence (15 min) with various presenters  

January 6, 2023, with Orland Bishop (90 min) 

Can’t join us live? Each gathering will be recorded and posted on our Participant Portal (link emailed upon registration).


Register Here! Then check your email for confirmation with the Zoom registration link. 

Contribution: This event is FREE with suggested donations of $25 (Shepherd), $50 (King), or $100 (Star).
Your donations help support the work of those contributing to this event and future events. 

Series Schedule

Raphael’s Madonna Images, the Zodiac, and the Thirteen Holy Nights with Brian Gray 
and Eurythmy with Alice Stamm

December 21, 2022, at 12 pm Eastern / 9 am Pacific for 90 minutes 
Contemplating the Raphael Madonna Series arranged by Rudolf Steiner can fill our souls with healing images during the Thirteen Holy Nights. Beholding the Sistine Madonna on Christmas Eve and concluding with the Transfiguration at the eve of Epiphany, we can sequentially discover the mysteries of the Zodiac, the Twelve Human Senses, and the healing forces of the etheric body. Taking these images rhythmically into our sleep, along with eurythmy gestures offered by Alice Stamm, will enhance our Holy Nights experience. Please join us for this healing presentation.

Encountering the Madonna Series with Multiple Voices 
December 24, 2022 –January 5, 2023, at 12 pm Eastern / 9 am Pacific for 15 minutes 
We will meet for 15 minutes each day to contemplate and behold the Madonna Series. Each day, someone will open our meeting with a leading thought based on the image(s) we are focusing on that day. This will be followed by a few moments of quiet contemplation. We will then close with the eurythmy sequence, I Think Speech.

Epiphany with Orland Bishop
January 6, 2023, at 12 pm Eastern / 9 am Pacific for 90 minutes 

Encountering the Being of the Year with Mary Stewart Adams 
Recorded offering
A bonus recording with Mary Stewart Adams and Tess Parker to support your Holy Nights practice. 

 We look forward to seeing you there…!