The Performing Art of Eurythmy

Aug 01, 2023—Aug 06, 2023


The Threefold Educational Foundation, Chestnut Ridge, NY

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A Festival Sponsored by the Eurythmy Association of North America & The Threefold Educational Foundation

August 1-6, 2023, in Chestnut Ridge, New York

Dear Eurythmists and Eurythmy Lovers,

At long last our North American Festival for the Performing Art of Eurythmy is underway! This Festival is for professional eurythmists and “lay eurythmists” alike. We will begin each morning moving all together; then there will be lay eurythmy classes running parallel to workshops for trained eurythmists and led by various colleagues; these may also include talks, demonstrations and research projects on various topics
of special interest. In the afternoons there will be time for open forums, initiatives, informal artistic sharing and eurythmy practice. Each evening we will share our artistic work through performances. The final evening will culminate in a festive public performance.

We now invite you to contact us and let us know if you would like to contribute to the Festival with any of the following:

1) A performance (solos, duos, small and large groups); professional and lay groups both are invited to share. Please give a brief description even if not yet fully formed.

2) A workshop, talk or demonstration on a particular topic you have been working with and feel you could share with colleagues. Please indicate the content/topic.

Speech artists and musicians are dearly welcomed and wished for to collaborate with and we are working on including them.

We await your letters of interest and offerings with eager enthusiasm. The deadline is November 25, 2022. Please reach out with any questions or further contributions at this stage of the planning.

Andrew Dzedulionis, Sue Hiertz, Carrie Mass, Victoria Sander, Sea-Anna Vasilas, Monika Leitz, and Christina Beck

The Performing Arts Working Group of EANA