The Etheric-Astral Heart in Its Inner Relation to the Foundation Stone Meditation

Oct 21, 2023 12:00AM—2:30PM


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A zoom presentation by Christine Gruwez from Antwerp, Belgium, Europe

When Rudolf Steiner for the first time in human history spoke the words of the Foundation Stone, he added that the meditation should be laid down, not in the earth, but in the hearts of those who were present at that time, the heart as the proper soil in which to lower the Foundation Stone. It is the heart, as a new to develop organ of cognition, that can receive the mystery of human and world existence in its true essence.

At the same time, Rudolf Steiner mentions in the mantram, the three streams of spiritual forces working and weaving in the universe, as the founding image of human being: the forces of the heights, the forces of the circumference, and the forces of the depths. Out of their weaving together, a new substance will cast its light on the good willing human beings, a light that will reveal itself in its five-fold qualities: the pentagram of warmth and light.

Suggested Reading
CW 260, “The Christmas Conference”, chapter IV “The Laying of the Foundation Stone for the Anthroposophical Society”, 25 December 1923.

Christine Gruwez studied philosophy and linguistics at the KU Leuven, the Catholic University in Louvain, Belgium. She met anthroposophy through the Waldorf School in Antwerp, which her four children attended, and where she taught from 1976 to 1986. She also taught for a decade in the Waldorf Education Training Program. Since 1997, Christine has led seminars and conferences at Emerson College, at the Goetheanum, in Europe, Asia, and the US.


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