Sound Circle Enlivening Speech

Feb 17, 2023—Feb 19, 2023


In-person once on the East Coast and once on the West Coast (details TBD)

Cost $7,380.00 (One Year Speech Program)

Event Contact Mona Anastas | Email

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Sound Circle Speech Training is excited to offer “Enlivening Speech,” a 13-month pedagogical speech certificate program, which also serves as the first step toward a full speech training.

Working with one’s own speaking can be a powerful path of self development.

To a trained ear, the spoken word reveals the inner, wisdom-filled soul life of the speaker. Speech carries a spiritual potency that moves both the speaker and the listener. When our speech becomes a blessing, we too are blessed.

Speech training enables the speaker to consciously use ego forces to direct the flow of the etheric body and engage the astral body. As a word gives shape to thoughts and experiences, the ego structures and guides the process. It is through this activity that we become worthy of imitation.

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Program Structure and Calendar

2 weeks (12 days) July 18-30 2022 – In-person on Whidbey Island, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

3 days February 17-19, 2023, 3 days April 28-30, 2023 – In-person once on the East Coast and once on the West Coast (Details TBD)

27 Online Weekly Group Sessions

27 Online Weekly (1:2) Coaching Sessions

Stand Alone Summer Session – $2,688.00 (with the option to continue in the academic year session)

Academic Year Session – $4,692.00

One Year Speech Program – $7,380.00 (with the option to continue to complete a full Speech Training)

The tuition for this course is payable with different payment plans, please reach out to for more information.