New Frontier Eurythmy Part-time Class Is Forming!

Sep 01, 2024


Eurythmy Spring Valley, 260 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY

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A strong new Frontier class is forming to begin in November 2024. If you are interested in studying eurythmy as a profession, this part-time program was developed to pursue studies toward a career in eurythmy, while honoring other existing commitments. The Frontier training can also be taken as a stand-alone program, with its unique approach to foundation studies through an immersion into eurythmy, for the deepening of one’s life and inner development.

The part-time training is designed for people who are able to attend seven weeks of study sessions, structured into shorter blocks during the year. Between each block, students have independent study assignments to work on with a local eurythmist, who serves as a mentor. The Frontier curriculum covers the first year of the eurythmy training over two years, preparing the matriculating students to make a transition into the full-time program to complete their professional eurythmy studies.

As an art of the whole human being, eurythmy has unique potential for bringing movement, flexibility, and balance into one’s inner and outer life. Whether you are interested in eurythmy as a career, or are seeking personal enrichment through an intensive artistic experience, the study of eurythmy can be a practical path to developing new levels of perception, insight, and capacity.

Unlike the full-time training at Eurythmy Spring Valley, a new part-time course is not offered every year. If you have been thinking about beginning the eurythmy training, this is your best opportunity to enroll in the new Frontier class.

For more information on the course, contact the Student Services Coordinator with any questions at (845) 352-5020, ext. 113, or