Ita Wegman Gathering

Feb 22, 2023 11:00AM—1:30PM


Online or at each local branch as hubs

Cost $25 - $100 (suggested)

Event Contact Dottie Zold | Email

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The fifth annual Ita Wegman gathering on her day of birth. There will also be a colleague translating from English into Spanish.

Ita Wegman: The Fire and the Year 1923 by Peter Selg

Raphael and the Mystery of Human Encounter: The Work that Is to Be Accomplished by James Dyson

“What I wanted, and regarded as our salvation, was for a living circle of wakeful people to form around the prevailing death forces and give rise to new life: a circle consisting as it were, of fortresses and Grail castles in the different countries –where people live but are at the same time so free that they can move from place to place. This realized in the right way, I would have seen as a Michaelic alliance that could bring something new into the world in order to make possible the new life seeking to emerge.” ~ Ita Wegman, December 18, 1933

$25- $100 (suggested) and all welcome regardless of capacity to financially gift