Healing through Art Program

Aug 26, 2023 ALL DAY


San Francisco Bay Area in person and online

Cost $5250 per year

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2nd Cohort Beginning Summer 2023! Apply Now!

Develop insights, artistic skills and practices to bring art into the service of healing processes.

A 3-year postgraduate therapeutic visual arts program working out of the Anthroposophical understanding of the human being.

Program Leaders: Pamela Whitman and Kenneth Smith

The Healing Through Art program will guide students to build knowledge, skills, and sensitivity in a range of artistic mediums and practices. The core focus of the program is on color, light and darkness work, and sculpture. In support of this, students will develop capacities in form drawing, geometrical drawing, and a number of crafts. The intention is to develop knowledge of the healing potentials of a range of different activities and mediums, so that they may be included in one’s therapeutic practice.

Part-Time Modular Course
Beginning in Summer 2023, the Healing Through Art program will meet in person two times per year (summer and spring) with monthly online classes and a program of weekly artistic assignments. The program will provide a minimum of 280 classroom hours plus an accompanying minimum of 280 hours of mentored, project-based work from home.*
*Requirements of iARTe accrediting body of the Goetheanum

A Three-Year Journey
The Healing Through Art program will guide students through a deepening process over three years from the hygienic and enlivening aspect of artistic activities into the deeper understanding human nature, individual life journeys, and the ability to guide artistic therapies. The capacity to work artistically with others in a way that brings healing requires the development of many new personal abilities and sensitivities, knowledge, and practices. Each year supports the developing capacities that will provide a foundation for the following year.

Course Outline

  • Year 1 Creating a Foundation
    Introduction to foundational artistic practices in painting, light and darkness, and sculpture; introduction to anthroposophic medicine and therapies; the human constitution.
  • Year 2 Artistic Process as Healing Process
    The 7-fold principle of developmental and metamorphic process and the relevance to the healing process; creating artistic process and sequence; biographical studies.
  • Year 3 Art for the Individual
    The 12-fold principle of centering, bringing perspective, and wholeness; the therapist-client relationship and artistic healing practice in a professional setting; placements, case studies.

Dates: 2023-2024
Summer, two weeks in person at San Francisco Bay Area: July 17-29, 2023
Online Saturday classes, 9 am-3:30 pm Pacific Time: August 26, September 23, October 21, November 18, December 16, 2023, and January 20, February 17, March 16, 2024
Spring, one week in person at at San Francisco Bay Area: March 24-29, 2024

Cost: $5250 per year

For more information, please contact: tiffany@bacwtt.org or (415) 479-4400