Great Lakes Waldorf Institute Summer Intensive 2022

Jul 05, 2022 ALL DAY


Online and in-person (Milwaukee, WI)

Cost $2,910

Event Contact Monika Sutherland | Email

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July 5 – 22, 2022

Course Descriptions:
Both Cohorts (EC and Grades)
EDU 641 Child Development and Child Study
2 credits
Topics include child development and the twelve senses as they apply to the stages of development, from early movement to more sophisticated operations in brain integration. Teaching strategies that accommodate educational support and assessment will also be covered.
Instructors: Simone Shurney, Mary Ruud, Carole Hanlein
Cost: $970 ($485/credit)*

EDU 643 Artistic Work in the Waldorf School III
2 credits
Topics include deepening hands-on experience with modeling in anatomy and embryology, as well as doll making; plant dyeing; calligraphy; and artistic work in the study of botany, human and animal; anatomy and physiology; embryology; and human fertility.
Instructors: Michael Gannon, Dawn Vankley-Imes, Simone Shurney, Michael Imes, Monika Sutherland
Cost: $970 ($485/credit)

Early Childhood Track
EDU 647 Early Childhood: Deepening Work in Kindergarten & Preparing Children for First Grade
2 credits
Topics include sensory integration; classic signs of sensory integration dysfunction and over-stimulation of the senses; reflex maturation, assessment and incorporation; motor proficiency and developmental profiles of the young child; and useful examples of movements to remediate. Practical and artistic work will include singing, Circle Time’s movement to song and verse, painting, and hands-on work.
Instructors: Lynn Turner, Dawn Imes, Carole Hanlein
Cost: $970 ($485/credit)

Grades 1-8 Track
EDU 642 Teaching Science in the Waldorf School
2 credits
An overview of the Waldorf science and nature curriculum, grades 1-8. Participants will experience hands-on work in geology, light, acoustics, electricity, magnetism, simple machines, gravity, and motion.
Instructors: Michael Gannon, Simone Shurney
Cost: $970 ($485/credit)

*Cost of courses excludes administrative fees and supplies.