Facing the Future without Fear

Feb 13, 2022


ONLINE: Sunday evenings, 7:30 pm - 9 pm ET (4:30 pm - 6 pm PT)

Cost Donation (suggested $40 for all 5 or $10 each)

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The direction of modern society appears to be sending everyone sliding into the abyss. Rudolf Steiner talked about a period of pandemonium that we must endure. Are we in the autumn of humanity’s earthly evolution? Have we already succumbed to Ahriman? Where is Michael when we need him?

We cannot understand society’s issues with materialism. These webinars intend to give Rudolf Steiner’s picture of the future to enable us to face this future without fear, to be able to act with wisdom in this Technological Age.

These free webinars are planned for Sunday evenings at 7:30 pm ET (4:30 pm PT):

1/16/22 Webinar 1: Evolution Leads to Ahriman’s Incarnation

1/23/22 Webinar 2: Transhumanism and the Double

1/30/22 Webinar 3: Sheep and Goats

2/06/22 Webinar 4: Spiritual Science’s View of Our Future

2/13/22 Webinar 5: Refined Breathing: The New Yoga

Jan 16: Andrew Linnell Evolution Leads to Ahriman’s Incarnation

  • In these five webinars you will learn about Rudolf Steiner’s vision of the future and the role technology must play. Overcoming our fears of the future are important for a healthy confrontation with Ahriman. In this webinar you will learn about Rudolf Steiner’s expectations for an incarnation of Ahriman “in the flesh.” Why is this cosmically necessary? What is the role of Evil? 

Jan 23: Andrew Linnell Transhumanism and the Double

  • Many of Steiner’s statements about the future can sound nearly identical to statements made by Transhumanists. Is there a connection? What do each really mean? What is our Ahrimanic Double? What role does it have in our evolution? What are its goals and what is our part?

Jan 30: Andrew Linnell Sheep and Goats

  • Human evolution was not intended by the Exusiai to have descended so deeply into the Physical Realm. Our time here is temporary and is coming to an end by the year 6000 AD. What will happen then? Is this what Matthew 25 foresaw?

Feb 6: Andrew Linnell Spiritual Science’s View of Our Future

  • This webinar will tie all of the prior webinars together to lay out the picture of the future according to Spiritual Science. One often hears, “who cares? That’s not happening in my lifetime!” As spiritual scientists, we are called now to prepare this future that will best come about if brought gradually. What role does the Etheric Christ play in this? What is your role?

Feb 13: Andrew Linnell Refined Breathing: The New Yoga

  • This last webinar intends to look at the counterbalances known for being in the state of the Technological Age of today. Then we go further to look at one of Steiner’s great gifts to Spiritual Science, namely “refined breathing.” This webinar will explore what this new yoga is and its importance for the near future.

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Recordings of prior webinars can be found at the MysTech website.