Evening of the Berkshire Taconic Branch of the Anthroposophical Society

Oct 25, 2023 7:00PM


Windy Hill Gallery 1030 Route 21, Ghent (Harlemville)

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Several members of our community attended this conference, which took place in Dornach from September 27 to October 1, and will bring to us some of the themes and highlights that inspired them.

Our panel: Linda Park, Joe Haley, Henrike Holdrege and Craig Holdrege

The emphasis of this gathering was to bring together representatives from all of the countries where anthroposophy lives to explore the questions:
– How can the work of anthroposophy be renewed and strengthened in a rapidly changing world? After 100 years of existence, what are its next steps? How can we take the experiences, challenges and achievements of the Anthroposophical Movement, Society, and School of Spiritual Science into the future?
– How can we strengthen individuals and communities to creatively carry the healing impulses of anthroposophy into all segments of society so in need of vision, inspiration, and purpose?
– How can we truthfully examine the tension between a persistent clinging to old ways of doing things in our own lives and in the forms and practices of our anthroposophical organizations and initiatives and our ability to recognize and foster impulses that can meet the needs of the present and prepare for the future?

These are indeed questions we carry during the process of renewal of our own Branch, so please come and let us think together on these important future-bearing questions. ~ Gloria Kemp for the Branch Council