Eurythmy Stage and Director Training

Apr 24, 2023 ALL DAY


Auriel Eurythmy, C. Xicoténcatl 290, Del Carmen, Coyoacán, 04100 Ciudad de México

Cost $950 USD

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For solo and ensemble artists with Bettina Grube, hosted by Auriel Eurythmy in Mexico City

This is a course for trained eurythmists and ensembles, who wish to develop their skills as stage artists and/or as directors of eurythmy ensembles, in three modules over three years. The training will offer hands-on experience of directing eurythmy choreographies for stage performances. Participants would bring their pieces and/or their ensemble with one or more pieces that are already partially developed and receive guidance on how to develop it further, using tools from basic elements and specialised indications from the work of Rudolf Steiner. 

In preparation for Module 1, participants will have brought their solo piece or their ensemble (2+ people) to a common imagination, will have completed warm-ups for the pieces that they have chosen, and will have begun to learn the form. They will share their process and concept with the group. Their pieces should not exceed 15 minutes in total. Each individual or group will also receive a short text, to create a form and to begin working on, prior to the first module. Course participants will observe each other in going through the process of learning how to develop a piece by finding unique style and character, inspiration through lesser known indications, which one can find in the work of R.Steiner. This may include the questions of Dionysian or Apollonian, choice of movement style and the engagement of imagination and creativity. We will also speak about how to work with lighting designers, speech artists and musicians.

In preparation for Module 2 course participants will design a performance program that hangs together as a whole work of art. Not all pieces will be worked on, but the transitions and the artistic concept as a whole will be addressed, as well as stage design and how to develop costuming ideas. Have one or two pieces ready, and come prepared to create a program with a consistent theme.

Module 3 will focus on all other aspects of artistic presentation such as tour organisation, and preparing oneself to be on stage.

All three modules will have “case studies” (each other), group research, studies on methodology, and opportunities to observe Bettina as a director.

Course participants will receive a certificate of completion after attending all of the three annual modules. Acknowledgement for attendance can be offered for each individual module, as required. Bettina will continue to be available for support and mentoring between modules.

Bettina Grube lives in Hamburg, Germany. She studied Speech Formation and Drama at Alanus University (1975-1979), where she continued as a teacher in the training until 1981.

Then followed a training in eurythmy in Hamburg where she became a member of the stage group under the leadership of Carina Schmid. During 1984-1991, Bettina was a member of Ashdown Eurythmy, a then well known eurythmy ensemble in the UK and abroad.

Bettina completed her Masters at Alanus University in 2010 where she developed a solo program. She has been a stage performer and director since 1984 and has devoted her life to furthering eurythmy as s stage art. Her particular question is the point of connection between acting and eurythmy. 

Since 2000, Bettina has also been active as a guest teacher in many eurythmy trainings.​

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Dates, Cost and other information

  • Module 1: 24 April – 4 May 2023
  • Module 2: 22 April – 2 May 2024
  • Module 3: 21 April – 1 May 2025

With mentoring and work assignments between Modules.

$950 US per module – flexibility in cost is possible on request
or $15,500 MXN per module for registrations from Latin America – flexibility in cost is possible on request
Help with finding accommodation in walking distance to the course can be arranged
There will be a ‘day off’ to allow for exploration of the wonderful sights of Mexico City
Please visit the page for Post Graduate Courses to register for this training course.