Eurythmy Flashmob

Aug 06, 2023 5:00PM


Bethesda Fountain, Terrace, Central Park, NYC (72nd & 5th Ave)

Event Contact Alexandra Spadea | Email

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A six-day Eurythmy Festival in Spring Valley, NY, brings people from across the globe together and in conclusion, offers the rare opportunity for many eurythmists to share a moment of their practice in a large public, sacred space.

Please join!
Arrive 4:30/45pm at the Bethesda Terrace
Eurythmists will be dressed in white, and some wear blue or red silks.
All others wear black and accessorize with red, blue.
Depending on the color you wear, follow the respective eurythmists around you.

We will stand and move in straight and curved lines, concentric, expanding and contracting circles, around the central mosaic of the Bethesda Terrace.

If you prefer to stand and only gesture (even if inwardly) find a spot on the periphery of our circles, stairs included.

Feel free to film with your phone and share what you capture; we plan to edit a short film, and will give credit 🙂

For specifics, contact Alexandra Spadea,

This Flashmob will potentially be one of those “once in a lifetime experiences” and we hope many of you will be able to join hearts in this special moment.

Allow yourself to be carried by those around you and let your gestures and intention to reach far beyond the Stars!

Eurythmy Flashmob Sequence of Movements:
I Think Speech, contraction/expansion, EVOE, Halleluiah

We will begin on Terrace, around the mosaic, which is between the Hall and Fountain. The fountain itself is in the north, Hall in the south.

I think Speech


In breathing Grace may twofold be (expand)
We breathe air in (contract)
Then set it free (expand)

The inbreath binds us (contract, red being the lead)
The out unwinds us (expand, blue being the lead)
And thus, with marvels Life entwines us
(everyone a small circle, big L gesture)
So thank we God (expand a bit)
when we are pressed (contract)
and thank him, when he grants us rest.
(expand and conclude in E/reverence)

2x towards center
2x around circle

2x with partner: red turn to right, blue turn to left, then turn around)

4 directions 1 x each (east, west, north, south)
turn clockwise towards the new direction:
East (fountain is on left)
West (fountain is on right)
North (face fountain)
South (fountain behind)

Then all turn towards fountain and half the circle moves to the right (east) of fountain
Other half to the left (west) of fountain until all are equally spread around the fountain.

One Evoe with “V” and “O” upward.

Around Bethesda Fountain
2x: first time starting low “growing upward”
second time in front of heart.



Link to little film about Guggenheim Flashmob for Hilma af Klint.