Eurythmy as a Personal Practice Cycle 3: Consonants as Sculptors of the Four Elements

Nov 30, 2021 8:00AM—9:00AM


ONLINE (Pacific time)

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The consonants of language bear the imprint of the forces that have formed the world, including our body. We can hear the warm embrace of B, the sparkle and crackle of K, or the fiery force of F.

When we learn to move them in eurythmy, we unlock a deep understanding of the formative forces of nature and of ourselves. Learning and practicing these in eurythmy in December, we will deepen our experience of the four weeks of Advent as celebrations of the kingdoms of nature.

Eurythmy as a Personal Practice lessons offer ongoing webinar series to cultivate health, groundedness, centering and spiritual growth in our personal lives.

Through December 21st.