Conversations for Holy Week 2024

Mar 30, 2024 7:00PM


In-person at Anthroposophy NYC,138 West 15th Street, New York, NY, and ONLINE (Eastern Time)

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The movable festival of Easter, with its profound connection to the stars, arrives on the first Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox. This year, that date is Sunday, March 31.

We at Anthroposophy NYC warmly invite you to join us, in friendship and fellowship, for a series of short presentations and conversations around the Easter Festival. These programs will be held each evening at 7:00 pm during the week leading up to Easter, from the 25th to the 30th of March. They will take place via Zoom or on Zoom and at Anthroposophy NYC. Please find the finalized schedule of presenters and topics below.

We look forward to joining with you for these opportunities for community, learning, and reflection. As Rudolf Steiner reminded us, “… the Easter Mystery is not merely a Mystery of Remembrance. It is also a Mystery of the Future, foreshadowing the destiny of those who free themselves more and more from the shackles, ensnarements, and pitfalls of the purely material life.” (Cologne, 1909)

Wednesday March 27 at 7:00pm (live at ASNYC and on Zoom)
Penny Carter and Sylvia Mandel: “Blood is a very special fluid”

Penny and Sylvia will read a selection from the first half of Lecture 2 from the book “Supersensible Knowledge” (GA 55). They will then open a conversation about this most intriguing lecture.

Penny curates ASNYC art exhibits; Sylvia helps guide Rudolf Steiner Bookstore, and both are ASNYC Council members.

Thursday March 28 at 7:00pm (Zoom only)
Joanna Bergmann: Holy Wednesday Contemplations Bridging Over to Maundy Thursday

On Wednesday of Holy Week, Emil Bock takes us through the events of the day. He writes about Wednesday as “…the turning point, and how the consummation of Christ’s life moves into a deeper stillness.” He contrasts Mary Magdalene (anointing), who is at this Wednesday supper in Bethany, with Judas Iscariot (betraying) on Thursday. Joanna will share with you some of Bock’s elucidations, and introduce a bridge between the two “Suppers” leading to our conversation afterwards.

Joanna is a longtime member ASNYC.

Friday March 29 7:00pm (live at ASNYC and on Zoom)
Gisela Wielki: The Cross

Joseph Beuys, one of the most influential artists in the 20th century was asked: “Where do we find the Christ today?” And he replied: “In movement.”

Daisy Alden, a poet once in our midst at the NYC Branch, captures in two lines the human being in movement: “Vertical, I walk a horizontal path.”

In Good Friday’s presentation and conversation, we want to explore the movements, elements and gesture of the cross naturally, emotionally, and spiritually in our own lives.

Gisela Wielki has worked as a priest in The Christian Community for the most part in New York City for over fifty years.

Saturday March 30 7:00pm (Zoom only)
Jesús Amadeo: How do we align our Self with the Easter Event?

Jesús Amadeo will host a free-ranging conversation about how we can choose to participate in a free act of becoming (as in aligning, joining, and moving with) part of the Easter Event.

The conversation will begin with a short introduction about the changes that take place around and in us as we come closer to Easter Sunday.

Jesús co-leads the School of Spiritual Science at ASNYC.

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