Begin a Profession in Movement with the Art that Enhances Learning at Every Life Stage

Jun 30, 2024


Eurythmy Spring Valley, 260 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY

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A brand-new first-year class will begin in September 2024, open to all applicants who want to start a professional training in eurythmy in the English language.

For those seeking to embark on eurythmy as a career, the four-year program provides a comprehensive grounding in the fundamentals of eurythmy. The curriculum fosters insight into the eurythmic elements, collaborative work among the students, as well as a strong one-to-one relationship between teacher and student.

The fall semester curriculum commences with an exploration into the basic elements of speech eurythmy and an invigorating block of rod exercises, surrounded by introductory courses in anthroposophy, biodynamic gardening, poetics, and others that support the first steps in eurythmy.

Graduates of the four-year full-time training go on to become teachers in Waldorf schools, therapeutic eurythmy practitioners, and stage artists. The developmental arc of the training lays the groundwork for a life-long exploration, new levels of perception and skill, and the ability to share the healing benefits of eurythmy with others.

The School of Eurythmy is part of the Threefold Community, which is nestled on 140 acres of land, twenty-five miles northwest of New York City. Other activities, like biodynamic gardening training, Waldorf teacher training, fiber craft training, food co-op, and Waldorf school, give us a rich community life, bringing people from many continents and countries to participate in courses offered in the arts, sciences, and education.

For more information and application, visit, or contact the Student Services Coordinator at (845) 352-5020, ext. 113, or