All Souls Festival in Hawthorne Valley

Nov 01, 2022 7:30PM


Mettabee Farm and Arts, 551 Harlemville Rd, Hillsdale, NY

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Our festival this year will feature a talk by Henrike Holdrege BEING ON THIS SIDE AND BEING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE THRESHOLD OF DEATH and artistic offerings of music, eurythmy, spacial dynamics. a memory table and speaking the names of those who have died this year.

Memory Table
You are invited to bring a photograph of someone whose memory you carry and wish to honor in this year’s festival. Please arrive by 7:15 if you plan to contribute to the memory table.  

Recalling those who have died this year
As in past years, names of community members and those of the larger anthroposophical movement who have had an impact on initiatives in this community will be read. Then those attending may stand to speak the names of their family, friends, or colleagues who have died in the past year.
If you are unable to attend the festival, please feel free to have someone bring a photo for you or to say the name for you in the “recalling” time.  

As befitting the nature of this evening, please arrive on time and join us in maintaining a mood of inner and outer quiet as we enter the hall.

Festival organizers:  Cate Decker, Gili Malamed- Lev, Henrike Holdrege, Gloria Kemp
Questions: Gloria Kemp, or 518-672-4844