Strengthening Foundations of Inner Work and Meditation

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This three part series with Lisa Romero was recorded Wednesdays, August 29, September 12, and September 26 at 7:30pm Eastern. Lisa writes,

Together we will explore the inner work, the birth of the higher self, the spiritual year and how the exercises can bring us closer to our own experience of these processes. Deepening our understanding and experience will enable us to both hold and further our daily practices as well as support our ability to consciously evolve ourselves. This webinar series describes how and why various meditations and exercises work to strengthen not only our relationship to the inner world but also to strengthen our capacities to engage more fully with the outer world.

Lisa Romero is an author of inner development books, a complementary health practitioner and an adult educator who has been delivering healthcare and education enriched with anthroposophy for more than twenty years. From 2006 the primary focus of her work has been on teaching inner development and anthroposophical meditation. Through the Inner Work Path Lisa offers lectures, courses and retreats for professional and personal development in communities and schools worldwide. Steiner Books has published

  • The Inner Work Path focusing on meditation practice,
  • Developing the Self written after years of working with Waldorf teachers to support their inner work and pedagogical understanding of child development,
  • Living Inner Development offering an understanding of the inner experiences and results of various inner development exercises,
  • Sex Education and The Spirit to help awaken an understanding of our communal responsibility for the healthy development of gender and sexuality within society, and
  • Spirit-led Community which introduces spiritually healthy guidelines for lessening the negative influence of technology on the inner life.

For several years Lisa was the lecturer of Health & Nutrition and Male/Female studies at Sydney (Australia) Rudolf Steiner College, where she continues to lecture for the tutors on inner development. She has developed training courses, and facilitates professional development on this subject for teachers and health professionals.

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