Worldwide Biography Conference

Nov 02, 2024—Nov 06, 2024


Kyoto, Japan

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CONFERENCE THEME: “Mind the Gap” is the 12th Worldwide Biography

Every time we alight the train, we are reminded of the gap between the train and the platform. However, on close examination, don’t we notice many gaps within and without in our life? Gap between our perception of ourselves and reality, gap between our inner vision and world reality, between You and I, between your values and mine. The outcome of not recognizing these manifold gaps is two wars we have been witnessing with pain for recent years or suffering amid war now.

In our time, spiritual battles are taking place in our souls, so it is crucial that singly and collectively we find the ways to become more and more aware of these gaps, which separate and shiver our connectedness. When we recognize these gaps with a grounded “I”, we can start exploring the path towards a more authentic and light-filled relationship with oneself, each other and with the visible and invisible world.