Why Is the Anthroposophical Calendar of the Soul Relevant Today?

Sep 02, 2023 11:00AM


Front Range Anthroposophical Café, 780 Quince Circle, Boulder, CO 80304 (U.S. Mountain Time, MT)

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The Calendar of the Soul reveals Rudolf Steiner’s earthly task in a unique way! And its particular importance for his life is evidenced in how, when and with whom he shared it.

The inner journey with the Soul Calendar was also significant for Karl König’s life and work. He spent the year he was interned as an enemy alien during WWII in deep contemplation of the Calendar and made 52 drawings to illustrate the enigmatic verses.

Rudolf Steiner and Karl König each left a legacy – and they also left us with a challenge that calls us into the future! That will be theme of Richard Steel’s talk, then we can turn to the question in conversation:

Is perhaps now the time ripe to take up this Michaelic challenge in a new way that the 52 verses present to us? How does this relate particularly to the present world situation?

Both the legacy and the challenge will be highlighted in exhibitions of Karl König’s drawings that the Institute is bringing to venues across North America in 2023–2024 including talks in each venue. Check out the events here: https://www.karlkoeniginstitute.org/en/events.asp


Richard Steel was born in Oxford, England, and studied linguistics before moving to Camphill in Germany in 1972. He completed the Camphill Seminar for Curative Education, and lived and worked in community with young people with multiple disabilities for 36 years. Richard and his family also spent time in Camphill in North America.

In 2008, Richard founded the Karl König Institute that now has offices in Scotland, Germany, and North America. He began publishing a new edition of König’s works, which currently comprises 24 volumes in English and German. The Institute’s aim is to make Karl König’s healing impulses widely available for meeting the world needs of today – and for this purpose Richard also lectures in Europe, Great Britain, and Scandinavia.

Richard’s exploration of the Calendar of the Soul was lit up over five decades by what Rudolf Steiner and Karl König brought. And after Richard gave a year-long series of talks on the Soul Calendar and König’s drawings, his new English translation of the 52 verses was published in 2023.

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