What Can Mary Magdalene Teach Us about Money?

Oct 01, 2022 10:30AM—2:30PM


The Christian Community in Hillsdale, NY

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Money and Biography Workshop with Faith Divecchio and Bernard Murphy

In the days preceding the event of Golgotha, Mary of Bethany anointed Christ with costly ointment from an alabaster jar. Some were angered by this use of prized perfume, but Christ commended her for pouring her valuables onto him, thus anointing him for what was ahead.

We, too, can choose to honor Christ with our valuables.

In one of the gospel accounts of this event, the oil was in an alabaster box, and had to be thrown onto the ground and broken open to release the oil. What is it that has to break down in us in order to be able to give?

This is one of the questions in the Money and Biography workshop, which will lead into biographical considerations for participants. Other questions may include: How do fear and insecurity around money play into how we steward our resources? What conditions do we want to place on our generosity? What is it that motivates us to give?

Bernard Murphy CFP®, who has a Camphill background and is now a Certified Financial Planner™, is a presenter in the workshop with Faith DiVecchio. He will offer some general thoughts on estate planning, philanthropic giving, and investing, specific to the role of money and wealth in the context of our life’s journey.

A testimonial from a participant in the workshop in Devon, PA:
“My expectation of this workshop was to examine my relationship with money. What I got was a whole new perspective on what money is, what it’s for, and the spiritual essence that underlies it. I will never think of money and spirit being separate again, and for me, that has been an enormously transformative experience. Hands down to Bernard and Faith, two adepts at imaginative thinking, for stewarding such a shift in consciousness – one that the world vitally needs right now.” ~ Nicholas Andrea