Was Rudolf Steiner a Racist? A German Nationalist? An Antisemite?

Mar 11, 2022 7:00PM—9:00PM


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A Zoom Presentation by Frederick Amrine, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

These are the most crucial issues, and the most troubling, that beset anthroposophy at the present time. After much deliberation and research, Frederick Amrine believes he has broken through on all these issues, although one question remains unanswered, and is probably unanswerable, with regard to racism. He will deliver his findings as succinctly as possible.

Frederick Amrine is Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in German Studies at the University of Michigan. He has published over 150 books, most of them anthroposophical. He has also been active in the Waldorf movement, has given numerous anthroposophical lectures and workshops over the years, formerly edited the national newsletter, and he is currently teaching a course on Rudolf Steiner at the University of Michigan that regularly draws over 200 students. In recent years, most of his activity has been focused on translating Steiner: both SteinerBooks and the Rudolf Steiner Press feature many of his translations, some of which include introductions, and nearly all of which include notes and commentary. Above all, he has focused his energies on publishing Rudolf Steiner’s, his own, and others’ works under the imprint Keryx on Amazon. The number of titles available has grown to more than 200. Please have a look at these books, all of which sell at nominal cost, if you have not done so already. In the search bar, select “Books” and then type in Keryx. As preparation for this lecture, ordering and reading Rudolf Steiner’s essays collected under the title “Fighting Antisemitism” is especially recommended.

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