Veil Painting & Geometric Drawing with Van James

Mar 31, 2022



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Veil Painting: March 27-29, two online sessions daily, check date and hour for USA time zones

This course will explore the art of wet-on-dry watercolor or veil painting for self-development. It will introduce the materials and techniques necessary for a basic understanding and ability in the performance of this method.

The class is for both beginners and as a review for those with some experience in painting. It will cover, in a practical studio approach, the essentials of basic color theory, the nature of “painting out of the color,” and simple themes dealing with nature moods (sunrise and the plant).

This course is specifically for adult inner development although reference to curriculum application for teachers will be indicated.

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Geometric Drawing: March 31-April 2, two online sessions daily, check date and hour for USA time zones

This course will trace the development of Geometric Drawing through the Steiner-Waldorf school curriculum from the early grades with freehand geometry, as practiced in Form Drawing, to the middle school use of instrument-aided constructions.

We will touch Geometric Drawing’s relationship to Perspective Drawing and how both prepare for Projective Geometry in high school.

We will proceed slowly in order to see how Geometric Drawing is a balancing activity that engages thinking, feeling and volition, focusing these soul forces and centering one’s being.

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Van James, BFA (USA), Arts Dip. (UK), Arts Dip. (CH), is an international guest tutor at art colleges and Waldorf teacher training centers throughout Asia, Oceana and America. He is a mentor for the Academy of Himalayan Art and Child Development and Gradalis Teacher Education, a council member of the Visual Art Section of North America, and editor of Pacifica Journal. He is an active visual artist and an award-winning author of numerous books on culture and the arts, including Spirit and Art, The Secret Language of Form, Drawing with Hand, Head and Heart, and Painting with Hand, Head and Heart.