Unknowing the World

Aug 05, 2022 7:00PM—1:00PM


Ghent, NY

Cost $225

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Clowning is a state of playfulness that invites us into the here and now. What happens when we let go enough to explore the unknown? In our time together, we won’t fall back on tricks or routines. Instead, we’ll take inspiration from the spaces between us, openly exploring stillness, silence, and the listening that reveals who we are at heart. Through a willingness to be present, we’ll bump into ourselves and each other in unexpected ways. When in doubt, we may do nothing. Ultimately, clown sets us lightly on a path to freedom.

*No previous experience of theater or clowning is required. Those experienced in acting and clown are also welcome to connect to the here and now of this approach.

Note: Each gathering will be the unique creation of those who attend, and much is possible!

Friday 8/5 7pm-830pm
Saturday 8/6 10am-4pm
Sunday, 8/7 10am-1pm
(*Hours subject to a little bit of wiggling)

Donation: $225 (full), $185-$225 (early bird (sliding) by 7/15)

To register and for more information, write to sarahfrenchy@gmail.com.

Please feel free to share this invitation with others, as inspired. And reach out with your questions!

Sarah Frenchy founded oofa, which celebrates creative connection to ourselves, each other, and the world, through the playful arts. She was a practicing psychotherapist when she stumbled into the paradoxical world of Clown, to her surprise and relief. For quite a few years, she studied and taught clowning with Vivian Gladwell of Nose to Nose. Clown brought her many teachers, including Jef Johnson, and the spinner dolphins of Hawaii, who are the clowns of the sea. After hours and years spent swimming with the dolphins, she made a body of work inspired by and dedicated to these wonderful beings. Sarah facilitates creativity labs and enjoys making books and games that are playful, if not also practical. (The Book of Greetings, The Dance of Pants & Other Dances, Party of Animals…) She also offers one-on-one sessions to help individuals unstick their sticky places. (Please ask her about “13 Pathways to Wholeness” sessions.) Sarah lives in Upstate NY. You can visit oofasite.com