Trauma Therapy & Post-traumatic Growth Theory, First Aid, and Complementary Therapy

Apr 02, 2023 3:00PM—6:30PM


ONLINE: Time listed is GMT

Cost 120-90 Euros

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Every Sunday 3:00 pm – 6:15 pm GMT from January 29 to April 2, 2023

Experienced clinicians and researchers demonstrate different approaches to trauma therapy. People in the field present a wealth of proven exercises for post-traumatic growth.

If you yourself are affected by trauma and suffer from it, the lectures and workshops will teach you what is necessary so that you are not defeated by trauma. On the contrary you may develop positive forces and enter into post-traumatic growth. We will show you what factors play a role in trauma therapy, so that the  process of your trauma therapy can bring inner growth and even stronger self-confidence. The lectures and workshops offer you the opportunity to try out these possibilities in an open way. You will receive clear advice as well as simple and understandable tools for practical application. You will learn: to differentiate between trauma therapies, what can be achieved, what to watch out for, dangers and illusions on the path. We will show you what you can do for yourself by treating yourself and your body in new ways. Meaning in life, meaning in movement, and a mindful approach to yourself – these three things make it possible to grow from what you’ve been through. Please note that this is an online conference.

For you as a physician and therapist, the easy-to-use emergency trauma exercises shown in the workshops provide a set of stabilizing elements to complement your existing therapies. Your patients will feel that they are being perceived and treated on subtle and additional levels, and will experience this as an enrichment of your services that supports their post-traumatic growth. You will receive a cognitive framework of how and for what purpose the elements are applied. Even if you have nothing to do with anthroposophical philosophy, you can easily implement the exercises in your own trauma therapy setting.

You, as a companion to a person affected by trauma, will gain a better understanding of the challenges associated with trauma, will see what your loved one is struggling with, and will be given tools to support them in walking their path and making post-traumatic growth a reality. It doesn’t always have to be therapy: you can share the empowering and transformative impact of what you have learned in the conference. The practical exercises are suitable for everyday life and easy to understand, so you can show them to your loved ones, try them out and experience them together. Furthermore, you will have the videos at your disposal, where you can watch everything again in detail.

The conference is about inner potential, practical application of exercises, meditations, and the art of living to overcome trauma. Most of the speakers have an anthroposophical background, because these concepts often help when you want to understand certain things and experiences. However, no prior knowledge is required. The presenters explain in simple terms what trauma therapy is all about. Their understanding of the relationships provides fertile ground for practical exercises that support post-traumatic growth.

All exercises are simple and can be done easily even with limited mobility. You can understand and apply them immediately, without previous knowledge.

Conference Languages: English, Russian, and German. Participants will have lifetime access to the recordings of all lectures and workshops.

The conference costs 120 Euro/90 Euro. Booking of single events is possible.

You are cordially invited to become a trauma informed global citizen.