Transhumanism in the Light of Anthroposophy

Jun 10, 2022 10:00AM—12:00AM


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“The point is not what is going to happen, for it certainly will happen, but how it happens—how these things are handled. The welding together of human beings with machines will be a great and important problem for the rest of the earth-evolution. … I have often pointed out, even in public lectures, that human consciousness depends on destructive forces. During public lectures in Basel, I twice said that in our nerve-system, we are always in the process of dying. These forces of death will become stronger and stronger, and we shall find that they are related to the forces of electricity and magnetism, and to those at work in machines.” ~ Rudolf Steiner, The Wrong and Right Use of Esoteric Knowledge, Lecture 3, 25 November 1917, GA 178

Are we in the autumn of humanity’s earthly evolution? Where is our morality headed? Have we already succumbed to Ahriman? Can we have enthusiasm for what appears to be a grim future? We will explore Rudolf Steiner’s view of this Technological Age and where it will lead in terms of human evolution.

Andrew Linnell is co-founder of MysTech, an Anthroposophical organization seeking to realize Rudolf Steiner’s indications on Mechanical Occultism. For many years he served as president of the Boston branch of the Anthroposophical Society, the Natural Science Section, and as admin to several Anthroposophical Facebook groups. In 2013, he retired from a 42-year career in the computer industry where he had served as CTO or VP for small companies. He is the author of nine books, two for children. Andrew will join us from Boston.

The event is organized by the program committee of Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch.

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