Threefold Paths toward the Michaelic Beings

Oct 20, 2022 12:00AM—Oct 23, 2022 11:59PM


Hartland (near Milwaukee), WI

Cost $225-$400

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You are warmly invited to this truly exiting fall workshop/conference. This year, we will concern ourselves with two of R. Steiner’s highly esoteric impulses: the Esoteric Youth Circle and the Christian Community services.

Both can be more deeply understood when looked at from the viewpoint of the Trinity aspects. Both impulses celebrate their 100th year anniversary – both initiated by R. Steiner within days of one another.

For all those who have long been interested in delving deeper into the cultic and ritual efforts of R. Steiner (intentions which are all too often ignored) this will be a great opportunity to gain new insights for practical day to day inner activity that can enrich outer activities. Being in the presence of friends with similar strivings and exchanging thoughts with them, participating communally for several days in music, eurythmy, lectures, and group discussions will hopefully result in a true Michael festival atmosphere. (Due to the intimate theme this in-person gathering will not be recorded.)

Main Topics:
The Esoteric Youth Circle and Michael
Trinity Aspects of the Circle Meditation
Trinity Aspects of the Act of Consecration of Man
Trinity Aspects of the Offering Service
Trinity aspects of the Calendar of the Soul
Trinity aspects of the Foundation Stone
Zarathustra as Master Jesus
Eurythmy Performance
Eurythmy with all participants
True Botanica presents its latest threefold remedies
Kolisko Institute presents its latest research projects
Ample discussion sessions

Main Contributing Faculty (for now):
Ross Rentea, MD
Mark Kamsler, MD
Andrea Rentea, MD

Barbara Bresette-Mills
Corinne Horan
Jan Ranck

Guest Speakers:
Kenneth McAllister, MD

Jeremy Klapper, MD
Debbie Barford