Threefold Hershey: The Sweetest Model for Social Threefolding on Earth

Jun 03, 2023 9:30AM—Jun 04, 2023 2:30PM


Stonehaven Farms, Hershey, PA ~ Chocolatetown, USA

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Whitsun Conference with Albert Steffen Group (Pittsburgh), Arimathea Group (Richmond, VA), and Corps de Michael (Hershey, PA)

How can the art of social threefolding heal the divisive chaos plaguing much of civilization? What is the Whitsun Spirit of the universally human and how does it lead to the harmony of Michaelic cosmopolitanism? How did a grass roots movement in Hershey, PA, defy the odds to defeat Wall Street greed and secure the “sweetest model for social threefolding on earth”? How does the Knights Templar economic impulse of “gifted capital” benefit disadvantaged youth and cultural life in Threefold Hershey today?

Friends and Members are cordially invited to join us at Stonehaven Farms (Founded 1737) in the Sweetest Place on Earth for a weekend of social renewal in the Spirit of Whitsun. The conference will include a keynote address “Threefold Hershey” with David Lenker, excursion to the Highpoint Mansion of American industrial philanthropists Milton & Catherine Hershey, “Vignette of a Threefold Pioneer—John Moses” with Jonathan Swan, a cello performance with Virginia Ramsey, conversation, group & branch reports, Flames of Whitsun Bonfire, and a Class Lesson of the School of Spiritual Science.

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