The Spoken Word in Waldorf Education

Jul 19, 2022 8:30AM—3:30PM


Highland Hall Waldorf School, 17100 Superior Street, Northridge, CA 91325

Cost $250, $425, $600

Event Contact Mia Martin | Email

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Pedagogical Backdrop and Artistic Practice with Helen Lubin, Eurythmy with Dana Williams, Organized by Waldorf Institute of Southern California 

We invite you to join us for this welcome opportunity to increase our understanding, engage in artistic practice, and strengthen our connection with the most essential element of teaching practice: language and speech. In this workshop Helen will introduce and elaborate the following themes. Our artistic practice will include an exploration of these themes by means of poetry and exercises.

  • Levels of consciousness in human development
  • The art of the spoken word as one of the time arts
  • Cultivating the relationship between world and self
  • The spoken word between movement and meaning, and between outer and inner
  • The daily speech practice in the rhythmic part of main lesson

We will also address:

  • Literacy/reading concerns
  • Classroom management and teacher longevity

If you attended the speech workshop in November and/or January please review and bring your notes and all handouts from these previous sessions to support our continuing work. However it not necessary to have attended previous sessions to attend this one.

Please join us as we experience both tone and speech eurythmy! For optimal health they are a balance, one more incarnating, one more excarnating.

We will learn some basic elements of the art form, such as the movements for the consonants and vowels, and for the notes and intervals. There are movements for various kinds of grammar including active verbs and passive verbs, and there are also different kinds of movement for major and minor chords, as well as beat, rhythm, and pitch.

Course Fee Speech Only: $425

Course Fee Eurythmy Only: $250

Both Courses: $600