The Season of the Dead, in Three Acts

Nov 05, 2022 2:00PM—4:00PM


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During the Karmic Relationships lecture series of 1924, Rudolf Steiner described the “Forces of Karmic Preparation in the Cosmos,” in which he resurrected ancient initiation wisdom with the exhortation that we are to “Accompany the Dead in their further Destinies!” He included here specific descriptions of the soul’s experiences with the several hierarchies between death and rebirth, specifically as a “succession of spiritual facts infinitely sublime and significant for our present age.” Twelve years earlier, he published the Calendar of the Soul, for the year 1912-1913, with the description that its moveable start date was necessitated by the fact that it is a calendar intended to support the forces of life.

Mary Stewart Adams will lead us (first) through consideration of the several Calendar verses that compliment the Memento Mori prayer for the dead (second), not only as a way to specifically engage with this season, but also as a way to enter into the mysteries of Mercury (third), often described as psychopompos, or escort of souls across the threshold. The current gesture of the planet Mercury lends itself to our consideration, as we move through these weeks of November, in anticipation of Advent and Christmas, and the solemn 100th anniversary of the fire that destroyed the First Goetheanum.

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