The Search for the Holy Grain

May 29, 2022 12:00PM


The Christian Community, Hillsdale, NY

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Bread and the Evolution of Consciousness: AN IN-PERSON TALK BY KOEN VAN DER MEER

  • Our spiritual journey with bread. An esoteric history of bread from Zarathustra to
    Melchizedek to Christ.
  • The seven traditional principles of making bread that nourishes. How life-giving
    bread has been destroyed by modern agriculture and baking methods.
  • The alchemical process in breadmaking. The future of bread as a life-giving substance
    that supports a new consciousness.

A PILGRIM’S PROGRESS. Since 1977, Koen has operated several natural foods bakeries in the Netherlands
and the USA. In 1981, in search of an alternative to both yeast and sourdough bread, he began to develop a method of making bread using a leaven from dried and sprouted organic barley (Latin: Ordeum, Order of God), which has an abundance of enzymes that help to break down gluten. Using this leaven with original grains, such as spelt, rye, and einkorn, that are not degenerated like modern wheat, also makes it possible for many gluten sensitive people to eat bread again.

The Christian Community, 10 Green River Lane, Hillsdale, NY 12529