The Incredible Shrinking Class Teacher

Oct 20, 2023


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Although the course title might sound like science fiction, the issues that will be explored are not imaginary!

“The twenty-first century has witnessed the steady diminution of the Class Teacher’s task in many schools, a tendency that runs parallel with the re-formation of the Waldorf curriculum.

Far more than any other issue facing the North American Waldorf movement, the role and mission of the Class Teacher will determine the future of Waldorf education on our continent and around the world.

Rudolf Steiner’s intention was to provide a culturally rich and transformative educational experience for the teacher, no less than for her students.

In these lectures, Eugene Schwartz contends that the eight-year term of the generalist Class Teacher is an essential element in Steiner’s vision of an education that would serve children, families, and teachers alike.” ~ Waldorf Today

Over seven hours of lectures will explore the pedagogical and spiritual dimensions of this unique vocation. The course is pre-recorded and includes over 7 hours of lectures and a 40-minute video.

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