The Great Trials of Initiation, Trial by Fire

May 24, 2024 6:30PM—Jun 07, 2024


Front Range Anthroposophical Café, 780 Quince Circle, Boulder, CO 80304 (U.S. Mountain Time, MT)

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Dr. Sophia will introduce to us the “Great Trials of Initiation,” which are part of our heritage, not only currently that which we learn through Spiritual Science, but also from the past Temples of great Mystery Initiation Wisdom. In this first of three initial sessions by Dr. Sophia, she will begin with the “Trial by Fire.”

In each of her sessions – May 10, May 24, June 7 – she will explore with us the exoteric and esoteric gems that come through lived experiences and vast research. We shall also learn about the impact of “Trial by Solitude” as we approach the threshold of these great “Trials of Initiation.” She will also touch upon aspects of how we can consciously investigate our biographies from insights garnered from experiencing these events in our destinies and karma. We are not alone in our struggles for higher awakening.

Dr. Sophia explores with us destiny paths of awakening higher capacities well traveled by heralds from our lineage: sacrificing, suffering, and becoming through the holy and sacred “Trials of Initiation.”

Dr. Christina Sophia brings a wealth of wisdom from expansive life experiences acquired from decades of therapeutic practice, teaching, and research. She has led a host of community initiatives based in Spiritual Science including: the founding of Waldorf Schools, carrying the Christian Community Movement for Religious Renewal in Seattle, leading multiple study groups, working within the Seattle Festival Team, the Seattle Anthroposophic NEWS, as well participating in First Class in the German language for decades. Additionally, she has headed programs in Seattle schools for students with learning and behavioral disabilities. During various phases of her life, Christina has had numerous Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) and Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE’s), and has given talks on these topics for the Near Death Group, IONS. Currently, she is a member of the “Leadership Team” for the Association of Anthroposophic Psychology (AAP) and has a healing therapeutic practice of Integral Soul/Spiritual Psychology that is online, and works with patients and clients worldwide.

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May 17: Andrea Rentea

May 24: Christina Sophia

June 1 (first Saturday): Richard Steel

June 7: Christina Sophia

June 14: Luigi Morelli