The Evolution of Consciousness and the Universe: Our Human Future – Birthing the New Cosmos of Love

May 25, 2023 6:00PM—7:30PM


ONLINE: Pacific Time (USA, Canada)

Cost $10-$30 (suggested donation per session); $70-$210 (suggested donation for the series)

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In our last webinar series, we studied Human and Cosmic Evolution, up until our present age of the consciousness soul. Now, having reached so much self-awareness that we are beginning to be able to master this earth, we as humanity stand at a critical time in evolution. Every decision that we as individuals and as a society make will be important. In this seven-part lecture series, Cynthia will tackle these questions by looking with you at these questions. The subjects are deep and challenging, and Cynthia anticipates that we will re-visit some of them in future modules!

  • The mystery of resurrection and the reappearance of Christ in the etheric
  • The Logos, the original Word of creation
  • The death of the Word through lying, misuse, and ChatGPT
  • Sub-nature and the supersensible world
  • Our human future: angels or automatons?
  • The School of Michael
  • The importance of community

Cynthia warmly welcomes you to join in this new lecture series, as we explore topics of deep relevance for our lives.

What will we do with our freedom? Will our own selfishness cause us to harm all of creation? Or will we find that sacred inner core of ourselves that is able to choose to love in freedom? Our choices at this point in evolution are profound, and have implications for all of creation.

Cynthia Hoven has taught courses on The Evolution of Consciousness and the Universe to hundreds of people, both in lecture format and in online webinars. Her unique style of gentle thoroughness and clarity have made it possible for people to find access to these profound, life-
changing perspectives.

Pre-Requisites: None, Beginner Friendly

All classes are offered freely, but you are encouraged to participate in our energy exchange. In acknowledgement of the widely varying financial situations of all people, there is no fixed price for this work, but we suggest a donation of $10-$30 for each eurythmy and each lecture class ($70-$210/series).