The Essentials for the Grades

Jul 17, 2023 9:00AM—1:00PM


ONLINE: Pacific Time (US, Canada)

Cost $150 per session

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Identify essential child development and curricular themes.
Rediscover the art of teaching through conversation, artistic work, and study.
Share inspirations and resources.
Create a new community of colleagues.

This will be an intensive four-hour online class for individual grades, seeking to give teachers a grounding in the WHY, WHAT, and HOW for each grade. We will explore the physical, social, and soul development of the child that shines forth in that particular grade. We will look at the blocks that are indicated for each grade and gain an understanding of how those subjects support and nurture that child’s development. We will speak about how those subjects can be brought to the class, as well as practical considerations.¬†

Participants will receive a list of resources to assist the teacher in exploring the subjects further and guide them in their preparations. There will be time for participants to bring their individual questions. In August, there will be an additional two-hour online class as a follow-up time to explore these subjects and bring questions that may arise as one prepares for the coming year.

Grade 8: July 17
Grade 7: July 18
Grade 6: July 19
Grade 5: July 20
Grade 4: July 21
Grade 3: July 22
Grade 2: July 23
Grade 1: July 21

The fee for participation in one grade level class is $150, including the four hour class in July and two hour follow up session in August.