The Emergence of the Global-Brain and the Michaelic Battle in the Realm of Human and Cosmic Intelligence

Sep 08, 2023 6:30PM


Front Range Anthroposophical Café, 780 Quince Circle, Boulder, CO 80304 (U.S. Mountain Time)

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The rapid development and expansion of the internet and world wide web to encompass the entire earth and more recently the proliferation of new forms of artificial intelligence can be seen as contributing towards the emergence of a global-brain. The so-called singularity event can be seen as a technologically driven threshold event. Viewed from an anthroposophical perspective, the great battle between Michael and his hosts and Ahriman that Rudolf Steiner often spoke about can come into view. We shall look at these developments in relation to the most significant event of our time: the Second Coming of Christ in the Etheric Realm.

Florian Sydow is a founding member of Kahumana Farm and Community located on Oahu, Hawaii. Over 30 years of experience in the design and building industry, including organic architecture. He is a long-time student of Goethean science and anthroposophy with a special emphasis on the implications of technological development from an esoteric perspective. He offers presentations and workshops on various spiritual scientific themes. He serves as Vice Chairman of the Anthroposophical Society in Hawaii. He is married to a Waldorf teacher and is a father of three Waldorf graduates.

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