The Crux of the Matter: The Heart, Our Selves & Community

Dec 28, 2022 ALL DAY


The Christian Community, 10 Green River Lane, Hillsdale, NY

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What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
Who are you becoming?
How can we, as community, support each other in our tasks?

Finding our own path as young people today can be an extremely difficult task. we live in a world of speed, chaos, and polarity–and with each passing year, this reality seems to be increasingly true in nearly every area of life. How are we to find our selves stay centered, and do good in the world amidst such a challenging and tumultuous environment?

We will spend the powerful marker of new year’s together this year, holding these questions with the strength that loving community can lend to an individual. we aim to create a sober space that can hold creativity, contemplation, reflection, joy, and more.