The Cosmic Opera: Esoteric Science and Biography

May 21, 2023 2:00PM—4:00PM


ONLINE: Eastern Time (USA, Canada)

Cost Sliding Scale $25.00 - $100.00

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When Steiner lectured, on almost any topic, from human development, to Faust, or biodynamic farming, he frequently spoke of Old Saturn, Old Sun, and Old Moon. How can an understanding of them inform our work in biography? An expanded view of the universe and an expanded view of the human being go together, are inseparable. How these epochs are working on in us is a topic for Sarah Putnam’s research. After a description of these epochs as a great cosmic opera, we will research the echoes and melodies in our individual lives.

Please bring drawing paper (large format, if possible), as well as drawing materials (crayons, pastels, and/or colored pencils).

A life-long seeker and researcher, Sarah Putnam earned a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a focus on individual development in culture. She has taught Biography and Social Art in the Foundation Studies program in Chapel Hill, NH, served on the Board of the Center, facilitates workshops, and provides biography and karmic counseling. In addition to the human being in relationship to the cosmos, her research interests include the intersection of illness, medicine and biography, karmic indications in biography, and conscious aging. A committed spiritual researcher, she has hosted and co-hosted anthroposophical study groups in her home and on-line for the past 15 years.