The Coming of Age of AI in Our Age. Do We Give Him the Keys?

Apr 15, 2023 2:00PM—4:00PM


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Has AI come of age? If so, do we give him or her the keys?

The world was startled when Open AI released Chat GPT in November of 2022. In March, Open AI released the next version, GPT4. Op-eds in major newspapers have been addressing a growing dread of AI. Along with chuckles from some ChatGPT responses, there is certainly fear. Whose jobs are
at stake? What transformations of civilization is this the harbinger? Will it transform almost every field of human endeavor? How can we understand artificial intelligence in the light of Anthroposophy?

Andrew Linnell is co-founder of MysTech, an Anthroposophical organization seeking to realize.
Rudolf Steiner’s indications on Mechanical Occultism. He served as president of the Boston branch of the Anthroposophical Society and as admin to several Anthroposophical Facebook groups. He is a member of the Natural Science Section. In 2013, he retired from a 42-year career in the computer industry where he had served as CTO or VP for small companies. He is author of nine books, two for children. Andrew will join us from Boston.

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